Dear Teachers,

We invite your class to our shelter for a fun, hands on and educational experience. All year long we combine our passion for saving lives and desire to serve in our community to create fun interactive tours and activities for your students. Weither your group comes to the shelter or we visit your classroom, our time together can be customized to compliment what you are currently teaching in your classroom.

At BGWC Humane Society we like to educate with visuals, hands on activities and entertainment in hopes your children will gain a better understanding and lasting impression of how important it is to be compassionate and responsible pet owners.


A few of our most requested topics...


Shelter Tour

Learn what happens at our shelter, why we must exist and you can help us save lives.

Pet Safety

Great for teaching children to be safe around animals or as a refresher coarse before students volunteer at our shelter.

*Safe behaviors around dogs that are our pets

*Safe behaviors around strange dogs

*Learning to understand Dog Body Language

*How to greet a pet

*When not to greet a pet

*What to do if you find a stray or a hurt dog

Volunteer Information

We LOVE volunteers! When you volunteer, you help us save lives! It is also a great way to get involved in your community! Before you get started there are a few rules and policies we need you to know so our animals stay healthy and safe. 

Research before you Adopt!

Committing to a pet is a big responsibility. We encourage people to do research on the pets they are interested in before they adopt. This is a great opportunity for students to practice their research skills. We would love to help them with any questions they may have!

Career Day

You might be surprised at all the talents needed to work in an animal shelter. We can come to your career day and talk with your students about how they can turn their interests into a career at an animal shelter.

Community Responsibility

Community support is vital to our shelters success. When community members are being responsible pet owners, shelter animals find homes quicker. Learn what we need from our community so that together we can save more lives.  


Pre Donation Drive Pep Rally

A fun event to get your group excited about a donation drive. Giving back is an important lesson to learn and we would love to bring a special pup to your school to help rally with your students as a kick off to your next donation drive.

Pet Responsibility

Kids love animals but do they know how to be responsible pet owners and take good care of them? We can help with that!

Shelter Math

We will show your students how quickly the dog and cat population can get out of control when you don't spay/neuter your pets. This hands on demonstration is both eye opening and unforgettable for the students and the teachers! (5th grade and older)

Team Building and Problem Solving

This is a fun activity that allows your group to see what it is like to be a shelter worker for a day.... Are you up for a challenge?

Be Kind!

We can use animals as a way to teach compassion, understanding and unconditional love. We offer a demonstration that gives children a chance to learn how important it is to be kind to animals.

Marketing for Pet Adoptions

Middle or High School Students are great at social media, and we think that is an untapped resource for homeless animals that need help getting adopted.

A service progect that asks students to prepare and utilize a marketing plan to help one of our longest residents find a forever home is a great way to challenge a class to think out of the box for a worthy cause.




Monday 10:00-4:30

Tuesday 10:00-4:30 


Thursday 10:00-4:30

Friday 10:00-4:30 

Saturday 10:00-4:00  (limited availability) 

Sunday 12:00-4:00  (limited availability)

Groups of 20 or less have the most rewarding experience. 

Off site visits are available extended hours

All year long we combine our passion for saving lives and desire to serve in our community to create fun interactive, experience for your group. We are available to visit your location Monday through Friday. Based on the information you give us, our time together can be customized to compliment whatever it is your group is currently working on!


We do not charge a fee for any of our educational services, however we do request support from our community through donations so that we can continue to build our program and better serve the citizens and the animals in our community.