How Can We Assist You and Your Colony?

Our program involves trapping cats residing in Bowling Green and highly populated areas of Warren County in order to effectively stabilize cat colonies.  We work with caregivers to provide assistance and to ensure the cats in their colonies are all spay/neutered. If a caregiver is physically unable to trap cats, we can assist in trapping. 

TRAPPING: We are happy to assist you with your efforts to trap and spay/neuter your colony.  We can provide equipment, training, transportation, and moral support to you if needed. By partnering with the people that care the most about community cats, we are able to help colony caregivers spay or neuter their entire colony within a short period of time thus preventing thousands of kittens from being born.


Body exam

Spay/Neuter surgery

Pain medication

Rabies and FVRCP vaccines

Ear tip

Flea & tick preventative



Care for minor wounds and injures

Recovery time in our clinic

RECUPERATION: The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society Staff will care for the cats in our facility after surgery until they are ready to be released.

RELEASE: Once the cats have recuperated from surgery, the trapper can pick the cats from the shelter and return them to the trapping location to be released and cared for by their caregiver. If the trapper is unable to release the cats, we will ask a volunteer to help with your cats releases.

EAR TIPPING: All cats that are spay/neutered through our TNR program will be ear tipped. This is a universal method used to help every one identify which cats still need to be fixed. Not all TNR cats are feral. Some cats that live outdoors are tame. Ear Tipping is the easiest, most cost effective and least stressful way to tell if a cat has been spay/neutered. When an ear tipped cat is caught , the trapper can see the ear and immediately let the cat go.

Our TNR program services the city of Bowling Green and highly populated areas of Warren County.

If you have questions about the TNR Process, you can call our Community Cat Hotline: 


If you need help trapping cats in your area you can click the link below to request TNR assistance.

* Your request will be processed in the order of which it was received.