Read with Shelter Animals!

Our Book Buddies program provides a non-judgmental audience for the young readers. Readers are more comfortable practicing with animals because they do not care if a word is mispronounced or if the reading is done slowly. They just enjoy the soothing sounds of a childs words and their company.

Studies have shown that children who read to animals dramatically increase their reading and comprehension skills. One study by University of California found that over the course of a ten week program, children improved their reading skills by thirty percent. The judgment-free attitudes of animals help motivate the kids to want to practice reading, give them more confidence, and in turn become more competent readers. This time spent with the animals also allows the children to practice compassion and empathy.

Readers are not the only ones who benefit. Their presence help socialize our animals and improve their chances of getting adopted.

All participants and a parent must attend an orientation prior to beginning the program. Orientation should take less then 30 minutes and can be requested for any day we have a scheduled book buddies event at 5:00. To sign up for an orientation please fill out a request below so we will know you are coming and can be ready to accommodate. Once orientation is over, there should be about 30 minutes left of reading time.   

Book Buddies participants are welcome to bring in their favorite books to read or they can choose an animal themed book from our collection.

This is a FREE program.


Parents, please reserve a spot before each reading session for each child so that we know how many pets to have ready there will only be a few spots available per session please let us know if you need to cancel.  

We can also accommodate small school field trips that would like to come and read to our animals. Email Tracy Moser for more information.




Your readers are welcome to come and go during the designated reading times posted.  Please let us know who is coming by making an appointment below so we know how many animals to have ready.

Reading Buddies is offered When School is in session.


Orientation Registration

All readers and a parent must attend an orientation before joining the Book Buddies Program. Orientation starts at 5:00 and lasts about 30 minutes.

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