BGWC Humane Society TNR Program



 It is not our desire to reinvent the wheel, but it is our mission to save as many lives as we possibly can.  TNR has been scientifically proven to work in reducing the population of the feral cats and make them assets  in our community. Using this concept, we have formed a community cat program that is a little different then most. We use the same TNR concept but we aim to educate while we trap and spay/neuter so that future generations will continue this program and we will see results that reduces the free roaming cat population and save lives.  

Our community is abounding with people that care about cats.  Using this unique resource, we have assembled a team of experienced trappers we call mentors to help us accomplish our goals. Our mentors are given an assigned area of cat overpopulation concern. Mentors are charged with the task to identify the “feeders” in the area and to educate them on how to manage and stabilize the cat colony that is living in their neighborhood. Mentors will guide the people that are feeding cats through the process, provide problem solving ideas and give them the resources they need to make sure all cats are trapped, fixed, released and cared for.  

We want to promote feeders to colony caregivers and then to mentors so that they can manage their own neighborhood should a new resident or cat move into their area.  Having qualified and trained mentors in the highly populated areas of our county will give us the upper hand in battling the cat overpopulation problem while accomplishing our mission to save lives through spay/neuter.


Do you know of an area with cats that need to be fixed?

When we hear of an area in Warren County that has a cat over population problem, our team goes to work trying to help them learn how to effectively manage their community cats so they are assets instead of nuisances.  



We have several different ways you can help us save lives. 

Here are some ways you can volunteer:

  • Trap cats
  • Train/Mentor new trappers
  • Investigate new areas of concern to asses TNR needs  
  • Deliver cat food/supplies to home bound caregivers
  • Drive cats to spay/neuter appointments
  • Release spay/neutered cats back in their home territory
  • Sew trap covers (we can supply thread and material)
  • Help with program projects like build winter cat houses or assemble new trapper kits 

If you have questions you can call Tracy Moser on our Community Cat Hotline 270-715-3937