BGWCHS TNR Team Meeting

We meet every 2nd Thursday at 6:15 PM


January 9th, 2020 ~ 6:15pm

February 13th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

March 12th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

April 9th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

May 14th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

June 11th  2020 ~ 6:15pm

July 9th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

August, 13th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

September 10th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

October 8th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

November 12th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

December 10th,  2020 ~ 6:15pm

We NEED more cat loving volunteers!! 

We are always looking for people that care about cats to join our TNR team.  In our monthly meetings we will discuss progress, new areas to work, train new members and problem solve any issues care givers may be having.

If you would like more information on TNR please click the COMMUNITY CATS tab. 

If you are interested in joining our team, we meet every 2nd Thursday at 6:15 and you are always welcome to come!

Meeting location: Davis/Mosby Center

                                   1951 River Street 

                          (Formerly Old Louisville Rd)

It is behind the shelter in the gray building. 

What are some of the ways you can help save lives through our TNR program?

🐈 Be a colony care giver
🐈 Be a mentor to a new colony care giver
🐈 Be a recovery home
🐈 Be a releaser
🐈 Be an investigator
🐈 Be an assistant/volunteer where ever needed
🐈 Be a trapper trainer
🐈 Be a one cat trapper mentor 

If you have more questions, please email Tracy Moser: